About Us

The Vision and Sensory Center offers a dynamic approach to Visual Therapy for children and adults in West Michigan. Dr. Hohendorf and his staff are dedicated to looking for and treating developmental and stress induced vision problems. Inadequate visual performance is often overlooked and can lead to problems such as headaches, poor concentration, difficulties reading, and a number of sensory integration issues that are not normally thought of as visual problems. Vision difficulties can be negatively affecting you or your child's accomplishments at school or on the job, if you or your child are suffering from such issues, visual therapy may be the solution. To begin the exciting journey to better vision, click on Getting Started. The staff of VSC is dedicated to continuing their education and providing the most current therapies. Dr. Hohendorf and the therapists deeply care and connect with patients, and are committed to providing the best possible choices in treatment. In turn, they appreciate families who are truly dedicated to therapy, and who equally share in the growth and progress of the patient. The Vision and Sensory Center has been operating in southwest Grand Rapids (Wyoming) since January 2004. Dr. Hohendorf was in private practice since 1975 at his South Kent Vision Center on Division and 44th St. The VSC designs comprehensive treatment and strives to help each person calm, stimulate, and balance the whole body to operate more efficiently through vision therapy. We are here to educate and support families who may be suffering from the many signs and symptoms that can be associated with learning related vision problems.