About Us

Vision and Sensory Center is one of the leading Optometric Vision therapy centers in the country with international recognition as well. It has been serving West Michigan and beyond as a “therapy only” clinic for 10 years with its roots extending back 40 years. We have 70 years of combined experience in changing lives.

Our approach is developmental; engaging our bodies and movement in the visual process, integrating vision with our other senses, and learning to think visually. Our patients work one on one with a therapist who guides the learning process. We want our patient’s brains to learn to “see it”, “integrate it” and “own it” for themselves. Our patients experience life transformations as evidenced through their “success stories.”

When others say there is no hope, we say yes you can!

Getting Started

A comprehensive developmental vision exam is the first step to determine what interventions and further testing will be necessary for an individual. This process begins with our doctors at West Michigan Vision Specialists.

If a vision therapy program is the recommended treatment, therapy is generally one on one with a therapist once a week for an hour. However, therapy schedules are modified for more or less frequent visits according to the needs of the patient or the family.

Payment is due at the time of service. We offer several payment options tailored to meet the needs of our families. Though we do not participate with health insurance, we will journey with you and advocate for you by providing the documentation necessary to  gain maximum reimbursement according to the benefits of your health insurance plan.

We believe it is our moral and social responsibility to make our programs available to those who are unable to pay because of hardship or other extenuating circumstances. Therefore, we have created a scholarship program to those who qualify. The doctor can discuss this option with you at the consultation for therapy.

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