Success Stories

Before Vision Therapy Layna wasn’t using her eyes, which made doing anything very difficult for her.  She struggled with catching a ball, school work, and being able to focus on a task,

After completing the vision program, Layna has improved in every area!  She has amazing ball skills and is reading chapter books! Her ability to focus keeps gettig better and better.

Vision Therapy is worth the hard work and time.  Dr. Burgess and staff are very friendly and nice to work with.  Layna’s therapist Mary is amazing!  Our family is so thankful for Vision Therapy  🙂


I have worked with Johnathan and feel he has made great strides while attending vision therapy.  Most professionals have mixed views about VT.  Although most are against it, they didn’t know Johnathan prior to attending VT.  He has improved in a lot of different areas and I attribute a lot of that success to VT.

I think most of his improvement is with his reading.  He went from just reading words on a page to actually reading chapter books, which he enjoys greatly.  He feels a sense of accomplishment.  His last IEP went great.  He improved in all areas.  He is better at completing tasks, staying on task, doing 1 to 2 step tasks, and his body awareness has improved as well.  We are all very proud of Johnathan.  Thank you for helping him succeed.


Before Jacob started therapy, he was having problems at school with maintaining a personal space.  He was also accident-prone:  tripping over his own feet, bumping into things and hurting himself.  We had assumed it was just “who he was”.  We were prompted to get help when he began having migraines on an almost nightly basis, accompanied by blurry vision.  The headaches were so intense he would end up in tears.  One night it was so bad we took him to the emergency room.  Little did we know that the headaches, coordination, and the inability to maintain a personal space were tied together.

After our night at the emergency room and a follow-up with his physician it was recommended we see an eye doctor to rule out any problems before any other testing.  He was quickly referred to a specialist where he was diagnosed with convergence insufficiency.

Because he wasn’t seeing things correctly, he was processing the world around him with his other senses, mostly touch; which explained why he had no sense of personal space and boundaries.  He was always wanting to touch everything and other people.  He was also straining his eyes, which was the root of his migraines.  When we were told therapy would be the only way to teach Jake to “see” correctly, we were skeptical.  But we went through with it to help our son.

Ms. Becky was absolutely wonderful.  She worked with Jacob every week without fail, and sent us home with therapy exercises to complete throughout the week.  The staff and Vision and Sensory Center worked with Jacob’s teacher to make sure she understood what was going on and how to make changes in the classroom to make it easier for him.  He was given glasses and moved to a front row seat to better help him stay on task.

Jacob’s Mom

Dr. Burgess, I’d like to thank you for this last year of growth I’ve seen in my son. As a mother, it was quite an adjustment to see the 5 inch growth he had within 15 months, but that amazement was nothing compared to the growth he has had visually, mentally, emotionally and in reading. Prior to this year, it was sitting at the table with “head in hand” frustration while doing grade level homework for 6th grade. This 7th grade year has been sitting confidently, enjoying the quickness of “homework is done” and reading for fun the Boy Scout and Games magazine every week. I’m sad as a mother to see my “boy” grown into a 13 year old young man, but am so grateful that it’s been one growing pain that has given me tears of joy in seeing my son experience the awe of life and is now full of skyscraper heights of possibilities.

When I first came to Dr. Burgess for help (with Connor), I was feeling discouraged, misinformed, and I was extremely distraught over the thought that my son was struggling and I couldn’t help. We had been to the optometrist twice, tried several (expensive mind you) reading programs & Connor had been receiving extra help from his reading therapist (at school) for over a year. I was paying for an after school tutor & Connor was trying his very best. His teacher swore he was borderline ADD & I was literally in tears on several occasions. Nothing was working. My son was incredibly bright, but couldn’t seem to put words together. Just explaining the situation to Dr. Burgess that first day brought tears to my eyes. The relief I felt as she began to explain the past year to me was unbelievable. The more she explained, light bulbs began going off. Connors lack of interest in riding a bike or even sitting on a swing the right way (he would lay across it with his tummy, sitting & holding on to the chain was scary for him) started to make sense….I realized I was in the right hands & quickly latched onto everything Dr. Burgess suggested. There were no guarantees, but she was hopeful, and that was enough for me. Within only a few weeks I was seeing signs of improvement. Not all of the exercises she assigned for us to work on at home made sense. Some seemed even a tad ridiculous at first, but we kept up with them. Connor worked very hard & it was so nice to witness every small victory. Things were starting to click!…..Today, Connor is reading at grade level (the top tier of the level & nearly into the next grade level). He makes 100% on spelling tests on a regular basis & his report card is al A’s & B’s. …I am so grateful to Dr. Burgess for giving my son the greatest gift- the ability to read & enjoy it! If you have felt the frustration, been to the optometrists, are hearing things from teachers that just don’t add up. If you’ve tried everything, I promise you that you haven’t.


When I first came to Dr. Burgess I was a little nervous. I was struggling with reading. She tested me and came up with a plan to help me. I had to do lots of exercises and work really hard. Now I am a much better reader and I like reading a lot. I will always be grateful to Dr. Burgess for helping me.


Thanks to Dr. Hohendorf’s wonderful reputation, my co-workers recommended having Courtney evaluated. I had never even thought that this type of therapy was available. Courtney’s reading level at school went up 2 years 1 month in 2 months. Her success has sparked many questions from her teacher, reading interventionist and ICT facilitatior at her school. The ICT facilitator now realizes that neurological changes must be made for permanent academic success……hopefully this sparks some changes in the way kids are looked at and treated for reading success.


On Feb. 14, 2011, I had a car accident that caused a broken neck and head trauma. I had always been very healthy and active prior to the accident. Soon I was able to take off the neck brace. I wanted to start walking again as I had always done; 3-4 miles at a time. But when I tried, I couldn’t. It was as if my brain didn’t know where my feet were. I couldn’t do anything. I went from neurologist to neurologist and physical therapy to physical therapy. My last neurologist, Dr. Sughandi sent me to the Vision and Sensory Center in Wyoming, MI where I became a patient of Dr. Lynnette Burgess, a Neuro-Optometrist who put me into vision therapy with therapist Becky Schulke and now after 9 appointments, I can walk again and my outlook on life has taken a giant step in the physical realm. I would recommend them to everyone. They gave back my balance and let me walk again. I will never forget you, Thank you.


On my first day of eye therapy I thought that I would be done with it on my first day, but I wasn’t…. I think I am improving for reading, seeing far away, close up and not seeing everything flat, so now I can see 3D. Before I started eye therapy, I would walk on my toes and I no longer do that anymore.

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